September 22-27, 2013, Dubrovnik, Croatia
The local organizing committee wishes to thank all participants for a very successfull conference!

You can find some of the images in the gallery. Additionally, you can also download plenary lectures' presentations as well as all the presentations from the panels.

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If you attended the conference, make sure you log in into the conference system and fill our post-conference survey.

You can find the SDEWES2013 digital proceedings in the download zone of the conference system.

Did you know that the SDEWES Conference has a Special Social program?

We at SDEWES Conference take great pride in the scientific excellence of our invited lecturers and authors of papers included in Special and other Conferences sessions, but there is another program that truly makes this Conference complete, and this is our Special Social program.

From 22nd to 29th September you will have a unique opportunity to enjoy the company of top experts in the field of sustainable development from all around the world and, through our social program, exchange ideas in a more informal way as well, while enjoying the beautiful sites and history of Dubrovnik. It is not without reason that the Conference was held so many times in this wonderful city. Dubrovnik amazes thousands and thousands of tourists each year with its rich cultural heritage, ancient city walls and breath taking baroque buildings, and of course, the beautiful Adriatic.

Welcome reception – join us for a welcome drink on 22nd September at our traditional start of the Conference. The reception will be held at the lovely Dubrovnik Art Gallery in the Old Town where you will have a unique opportunity to see the Folklore Ensemble Linđo and their colorful performance of songs, dances and musical instruments. Don’t miss out on this important piece of Dubrovnik’s cultural heritage and an opportunity to enjoy a breathtaking view of the Old City.

Field trip we have a very special day planned for our conference participants on Wednesday, 25th. We will be taking a 50 kilometer bus trip to Ston, a lovely little town that is the home to one the oldest (and still active) salt-work in the world. After visiting the salt-work it’s time to head out to sea. Feel the wind in your hair and smell the blue, shimmery Adriatic on thea boat that will take us to Little Ston where a special treat awaits us. We are going to ride called the Queen oyster testing and that means that. An amazing treat awaits us, as we will watch fresh oysters, a delicacy specific for Ston, be taken out right from the sea and prepared specially for us.

But don’t eat too many of these famous Ston’s delicacies because afterwards we’re going to Little Ston to a traditional fisherman’s night. We’ll taste the Mediterranean in its finest while watching the sunset in this picturesque village by the sea. And after the sun sets, it’s time to party! Dancers and karaoke will ensure we end this wonderful excursion with a blast.

Excursion and dinner are free for registered participants, so submit your final papers, complete your registration and come to Dubrovnik!

Immerse yourself in Dubrovnik’s culture and history. Join us and let’s create a tradition together.

*LOC holds rights to adopt Social events and programme.